Vijayakrishna Spices is one among India's leading exporters and manufacturers of whole and processed spices. With over three decades of expertise in spice export, we have created exemplary records in quality, food safety, traceability, delivery and in enduring partnerships with our growers and customers worldwide.

The Beginnings...

Our origins are in our family farm in Bellary district of Karnataka State, where Chilli-Peppers were grown and cultivated for generations. The close association with nature and the values of the Indian farming community formed the basis of the traits that shaped the family philosophy.

More than three decades ago, our founder Mr Ravipati Peraiah ventured out to explore the science of farming and the technology behind it. This served to make us the fore-runners of scientific farming of Chilli-Peppers in India. The focused endeavours of the pioneering Mr Peraiah helped create an enduring fraternity of scientists, agronomists, botanists, and traditional farmers willing to imbibe new ideas and practices. This was, and still is, what drives and sustains us.

Thus, Vijayakrishna Spices Pvt Ltd started out in 1992 as our commitment to modern science and agriculture, and we are justifiably proud of where our passion has brought us today.

Prominent processors and exporters of whole, crushed, cracked, and ground spices from India. Total Annual Export volume in excess of 25,000 MT.
Expertise garnered over more than three decades of experience in farming, procurement, and supply of quality raw material to other spice processors and exporters
Pioneers of scientific farming of Chilli-peppers in India.
Excellent backward linkages with growers, with proven capabilities in contract farming, facilitating procurement of safe and traceable material.
State-of-the-art processing facility with BRC accreditation.
In-house steam-sterilising facility imported from Spain – capable of sterilization of ground spices.
Advantageously located near International airport at Hyderabad – yet in close proximity to major Chili-pepper and Turmeric growing and trading centres. Additional in-house procurement, processing and warehouse facilities at Guntur and Khammam in these areas.

Our Journey

Our Path To The Future

With a view to providing our International buyers with the complete range of services relating to the spices that we deal in, we have now moved into the next level of the value chain by venturing into the spices processing industry. Launching our operations in a world class manufacturing facility in Hyderabad, we are already setting new standards in the industry.

We are part of a rare league, as we have what we believe is an uncommon heritage: We started out as simple spice farmers, and evolved into whole spice traders and exporters, and then into processors, grinders and manufacturers; all the while retaining our original tradition and philosophy, and yet embracing innovation and technology as we progressed. We are thus in a unique position where our values and passions are a piquant blend of those of the traditional farmer with his links to agriculture, and an innovative processor with a scientific temper.

Our Promises